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Fat Dissolvers

Fat Dissolvers

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Fat-dissolving Injections

Fat-dissolving injections are a great way to help reach your goal shape and finally get rid of those wobbly bits that just do not budge. The serum targets stubborn fat cells, and the effects, when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, can last for years!

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Fat Dissolvers by Two Face Aesthetics


What are Fat Dissolvers by Two Face Aesthetics?

Fat dissolvers by Two Face Aesthetics are innovative injections designed to target stubborn fat cells that resist diet and exercise. These treatments are not a weight loss solution but an excellent method for sculpting problem areas that need a little extra help. They work by disrupting the fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated by the body.

Treatment Areas

The areas of the body suitable for treatment include: 

  • Chin
  • Under Arm
  • The abdomen
  • Back
  • Love handles
  • Inner thigh
  • Outer Thigh

Any area where fat is stored is viable, but these are the most common requests and the areas proven most susceptible to improvement.


Fat Dissolvers By Two Face Aesthetics

Two Face Aesthetics

Long-lasting results

The interest in this type of treatment has grown in recent years because of the excellent long-lasting results and minimal side effects. Although not a suitable solution for weight loss, they are a superb way to sculpt the few problem areas someone may be struggling to move.


Opting for a fat-dissolving treatment is a productive choice for someone living a healthy lifestyle and eating properly but needs a helping hand to smooth down and tone up. Dissolvers are not an alternative to exercise or a quick fix for fat removal. Clients interested in this treatment should not have unrealistic expectations of body transformation but should be made aware of the true benefits when used effectively.


How Do Fat Dissolvers Work?

Treatment works by dissolving cells beneath the skin in areas that can be tough to get rid of through exercise alone. The sciency stuff is simple; the cells are basically broken down and destabilized before being flushed out by the body’s system. 

The standard course is comprised of two to four injections over the space of a couple of months, but each individual is laid out case by case for optimal results. The aim is to evenly dispense the injections across the target site to avoid unevenness or “lumpy bits”, so multiple rounds are advisable.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Fat Dissolvers FAQ'S

How Quickly Do Effects Start to Show?

Speed can vary from person to person depending on how quickly the swelling goes down and how well your body takes to the treatment. Around two months after the first injection, you should be able to see a difference. A second-round roughly one month later can boost the final results and show a greater difference.

How Long Do Fat Dissolvers Last?

Individual lifestyles play a big part in how long the effects last. The best part is that since fat cells are completely destroyed, you can expect at least a few years! In fact, with the proper lifestyle, the cells may never grow back. On average, the results stay looking great for two to four years.

What Are the Potential Side-Effects?

The first few days to a week after the treatment some pain, swelling, and bruising are possible around the injection site, but the likelihood of anything more severe is low. A very small number of clients may experience different side-effects, reactions, or dissatisfactory long-term results.

If not evenly administered, a mismatched or unnatural look can occur, which is why only highly trained clinic staff should carry out the procedure.

Who should perform the fat dissolver treatment?

Only highly trained clinic staff should perform the fat dissolver treatment to ensure it is evenly administered and avoid potential complications.

Benefits of Using Fat Dissolvers

Fat dissolvers offer a non-surgical solution to contour the body and reduce the appearance of stubborn fat. This treatment can deliver long-lasting results when combined with a healthy lifestyle. The best part is that the destroyed fat cells may never grow back, making the results maintainable for years. Additionally, fat dissolvers have minimal side effects, with most clients experiencing only temporary pain, swelling, or bruising at the injection site.

Areas Suitable for Fat Dissolver Treatment

Fat dissolvers can be used on various parts of the body where fat tends to accumulate. The most common areas include the chin, underarms, abdomen, back, love handles, and thighs. By targeting these specific areas, fat dissolvers can help you achieve a more sculpted and toned appearance.

Are fat dissolvers a substitute for diet and exercise?

No, fat dissolvers are not a substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise. They are designed to target stubborn fat areas that resist diet and exercise.

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