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PDO Threads

PDO Threads

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Transform your clients' skin with PDO Threads

PDO Threads are a revolutionary way to rejuvenate your clients' skin, reduce fine lines, and restore a youthful glow. As a content editor at Two Face Aesthetics, we believe that PDO Threads are a must-have in your clinic or salon, and we have made it our mission to provide you with the highest quality wholesale aesthetics products, including PDO Threads.
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PDO Threads by Two Face Aesthetics


Introducing PDO Threads by Two Face Aesthetics

PDO Threads are an innovative and reasonable new non-surgical way to achieve a facelift. Over the years, gravity takes its toll and the thin skin around the face, neck, and jaw begins to sag. Facelift surgery has been carried out for over 100 years, and the demand is not going away. 

What is changing, however, is the interest in alternative and less invasive options. More and more people are moving away from the idea of plastic surgery and looking for ways to enhance the human body's own internal youth-boosting properties- something science is making increasingly possible as the years pass. With the focus shifting towards non-surgical and as close to natural as possible, treatments such as PDO Thread lifts are becoming increasingly popular. No general anaesthetic or cutting is required, this lifting procedure delivers great results without the risks.

Providing this treatment in your clinic is a sure-fire way to put you on the map and gain plenty of client interest. It is still considered new and exciting, and the results speak for themselves. 

Can i use PDO Thread's For Clients

Providing this treatment in your clinic is a sure-fire way to put you on the map and gain plenty of client interest. It is still considered new and exciting, and the results speak for themselves. 


PDO Threads By Two Face Aesthetics

Two Face Aesthetics

How Do PDO Threads Work?

Polydioxanone (PDO) is a protein-based thread that is even thinner than a strand of hair. They are injected beneath the skin and work to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Each of these substances is vital for a healthy, youthful glow and firm skin. 

As well as encouraging natural chemicals and acids, the PDO relaxes facial muscles and tendons. Blood flow to the area is also increased because the body detects foreign tissue.

The biodegradable thread dissolves after roughly three months, by which time the natural regeneration is underway, meaning your body is effectively giving itself a facelift.

The Versatile Uses of PDO Threads

PDO Threads offer a multitude of cosmetic enhancements. They are particularly effective in addressing sagging skin around the face, neck, and jaw. By stimulating the body's natural anti-aging treatments, PDO Threads provide a gradual but effective facelift, enhancing your natural features while combating signs of aging.


“Absolutely so made up I found Two Face, they are very helpful, professional and prompt response and delivery, can’t recommend enough. xx”

Diane Griffiths

“Made an order last night and it came first thing this morning! Amazing! Very pleased with product. Thank you. Will buy stock from you again xx”

AmyLou Pearce


“I have bought from the wholesale shop and Jannine has been super helpful & my items arrived the next day. I would highly recommend. Her prices are also brilliant. x” 

Keily Heard

Frequently Asked Questions

PDO Threads FAQ'S

What are PDO Threads made from?

PDO Threads are made from polydioxanone, a biodegradable material that has been used for surgical sutures for many years. It works by stimulating your clients' natural collagen production, improving skin elasticity, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. PDO Threads are a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that can be completed in under an hour, with little to no downtime.

How Quickly Do Effects Start to Show?

Although an immediate improvement can be seen after treatment, it continues to get better and better over time. The reason for the gradually increasing effect is because the PDO threads trigger a natural process where the body starts producing anti-aging treatments of its own! Most people find the treatment performance peaks around six months after the injection.

How Long Do They Last?

This is a long-lasting lift, and a difference can be seen for a while. Although the best results happen after roughly half a year, many clients report continuing to see the effect for up to two years. 

Recommendations state that clients should return six to nine months after their first visit for a check-up to determine how successful the treatment has been. If a boost is deemed necessary at this point, it can be given. Thereafter, it should not be required for another three years - a big part of the appeal for many.

What Are the Potential Side-Effects?

PDO Threads are considered a "new phenomenon". This can put some people off, but they have been in use internationally for over a decade. They are FDA approved and almost entirely non-invasive. 

Side effects are minimal and rare, as with most procedures based on natural process; however, slight swelling and tenderness after injection are possible. More severe cases are extremely uncommon, although protruding thread, infection, and asymmetry have been reported in the past.

The Advantages of PDO Threads

With PDO Threads, you can achieve significant facial rejuvenation without the risks associated with surgical procedures. As the treatment stimulates the body's own youth-boosting properties, it provides a lasting lift that improves over time. Most clients observe peak performance around six months after the injection, with effects often visible for up to two years.

Ensuring Safety and Quality with Two Face Aesthetics

At Two Face Aesthetics, we prioritize safety and quality above all. Our PDO Threads are FDA-approved and administered by trained professionals, ensuring minimal side effects and maximum results. We are committed to delivering exceptional client experiences through our high standards of safety and customer satisfaction.

How often should I get top-ups for PDO Threads?

Recommendations suggest clients should return six to nine months after their first visit for a check-up. If a boost is necessary, it can be given then.

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