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Incredible nose transformation without plastic surgery

Incredible nose transformation without plastic surgery

Anthony Higgins |

‘Made me look better’: Woman shares incredible nose transformation without plastic surgery

LINDI, A 36-year old woman from Birmingham, who wanted a different looking nose for as long as she could remember, used makeup to change the shape of her nose. After discovering that dermal filler treatments were an alternative method that would give her the desired results without going under knife, Lindi  cut down on wearing concealer and foundation daily since it was not necessary anymore. The company director was treated with UTH Aesthetics, a new range of dermal filler with some of the lowest toxicity levels on the market.


At 36, Lindi’s makeup routine was time consuming and she felt it wasn’t giving her the results she wanted.


When finding out about a non-surgical rhinoplasty using dermal filler, the company director decided to investigate the procedure.


Lindi explained: “The shape of my nose has always bothered me. I used to look in the mirror and think I wish my nose was straighter and that I wanted more definition to my nose, but I didn’t want plastic surgery.


“I heard about UTH dermal filler and how it can be used for non-surgical rhinoplasty, through my job running a social media agency. 


“We have to have our ears on the ground in the sectors our clients operate in, and a few years ago, we noticed more and more noise around the non-surgical nose job as a growing trend.


“I currently use highlighter when I get ready in the morning and my thought process was that by having filler down the centre of my nose, it would give me a straighter nose, therefore being able to wear less makeup.


“I looked into it more and since then I’ve been really keen to try it to see if it could give me the results I wanted, as well as cutting down on the time I spend doing my makeup each morning.


“I’ve never had anything done before, so it was quite nerve-wracking but exciting at the same time.